Meandering Musings Week 1, 2017


It seems people may have forgotten that Ronda Rousey is the reason women even got a chance to participate in UFC. I don’t care if she ever wins or even competes in another fight. I’ll always be a fan. Besides, she could still whoop my ass.
I was reading this hilarious and potentially embarrassing post, and it inspired me to tell a potentially embarrassing story about myself: Once when I was in the Army, I was walking back to post hungover after a night of making an ass of myself. There was no one-night stand involved for me. It was just a bunch of me being loud and obnoxious and making people wonder what was wrong with me. The real problem was my walk was happening on a Sunday morning as a chaplain with whom I was well acquainted pulled over and offered me a ride. That convinced me to quit drinking (again). For like a week or so.
For the new year, I’m working on a few projects. One of them is not giving a shit. I’m trying to write and say all the things in my head that I know will be unpopular. I’ve experimented with it in some small doses. It’s been surprisingly fun.
I also find that letting out my grumpiness in this and other forms makes me way less grumpy. It’s like pooping or something.
Some months ago I heard an interview with a famous comedian who said he could no longer watch or listen to Bill Cosby. Minutes later he spoke of his lifelong (and ongoing) love of Woody Allen. Legally speaking, neither has been proven to have committed sexual assault or abuse, but somehow one seems to be viewed as guilty and the other innocent. I wonder what the difference is. Could it be the strength of their feelings for one over the other? Could it be the number of accusers? Could it be race?
Here are some potentially unpopular predictions for 2017:
  • Donald Trump will not be impeached. (President Pence sounds way scarier anyway.)
  • A lot of famous people will die.
  • Several people will become briefly famous for no real reason.
  • A celebrity will be revealed to be a predator/criminal/horrible person and have their actions defended and/or ignored by people not wanting to believe someone who did something admirable could also do something horrible.
  • Many people will change their Facebook profile pictures for an event.
  • Other people will complain that no one is changing their Facebook profile picture for a similar event.
  • An online petition will be “signed” by a large number of people, accomplish nothing, and be quickly forgotten. This cycle will repeat several times.
  • People of every ideological stripe will continue to buy into uninformed hype that reinforces their previously held biases.
  • Not much will really change because we will continue to expect the world to change without changing our own individual selves.

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